South Carolina Chapter Public Relations Committee

Our Public Relations Committee adheres to the following major tasks and associated activities:
Administrative Tasks – Chairperson(s)
Solicit volunteers and form a committee
Schedule planning session for committee members and develop strategy for implementing committee responsibilities
Determine Budget and submit to the Vice President – Services
Schedule and facilitate committee meetings as required
Committee Member Tasks
  1. Obtain dates of chapter events from AABE members
  2. Publish chapter calendar of events on the chapter website
  3. Request articles or news information from chapter members or committee persons to publish
  4. Manage and maintain the chapter website
  5. Develop a list and contacts of local media outlets
  6. Distribute external communications on AABE activities to media outlets
  7. Develop and distribute a quarterly AABE chapter newsletter
  8. Develop a professional chapter brochure
  9. Purchase AABE souvenirs
  10. Identify the public relations needs of other committees



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