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May 3, 2010





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Our mission is to increase the interest of African Americans and other minorities in energy related occupations through promotion, sponsorship, career development and education in energy matters.
May 3, 2010
Volume 1
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·         Upcoming Events
·         Save the Date
·         Committee Updates
·         New Members
·         Featured Entrepreneur Member of the Quarter
·         Outreach Programs
·         Scholarships
·         Special Announcements
·         Volunteer Opportunities
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Upcoming Events
  • Next Quarterly General Meeting – May 26, 2010, Location TBD
Save the Date
  •  Networkers Golf Tournament, October 5, 2010 (proceeds to benefit AABE Scholarship Fund). Look for more information in upcoming issues.

  • Western Regional Conference, October 6-8, 2010
Committee Updates
  • AABE’s Non-Profit Corporation, 501(c)(3) documents were successfully filed with the California Secretary of State.
Victor Valley African American Chamber's 6th Annual    Economic and Health Summit
"On March 6th, SCE hosted the Victor Valley African American Chamber's 6th Annual Economic and Health Summit at Our Victorville Service Center. There was a nice cross-section of High Desert leadership there from organizations like the NAACP, Black Heritage Committee, Community Outreach Coordinator for San Bernardino County, and others. As the host, Nancy Jackson was able to showcase SCE's Income Qualified and Energy Efficiency programs. She also introduced them to AABE. She spoke about the organization's make-up of African American (energy) professionals/ organizations nationally and internationally, AABE's mission, some programs, scholarship availability, and membership opportunities. They were delighted to know about AABE and had many questions. The Inland Empire is ripe for AABE education and membership. We need to get the word out about our very fine organization in this region."
New Members
Alicia M. Jacobs
Business Owner
Ajament Partners
Ken Ashford
Business Outreach
Metropolitan Water Dist.
Mary Brown
Lois Bruce
Media Relations
James Chitty
Project Analyst
Rachael Hernandez
Budget Analyst
Adrian Hightower
Asst. Professor of Physics
Occidental College
Andrea Jones
Asst. Dir. Accounting
Diamond Generation Corp.
Berdell Knowles, Jr.
Relationship Mgr.
Broadway Federal Bank
Mondel Pettaway
FCI Management
Edward Robinson
Wendell Johnson
Public Works Dir.
City of Lomita
Featured Entrepreneur Member of the Quarter
Charles McClellan, President/CEO, McClellan Power & Energy
In 2005, Mr. McClellan founded Alpha Design and Drafting Services, which provided design and manufacturing services. In 2009, Mr. McClellan founded McClellan Products, Inc. & McClellan Power & Energy (MP&E). MP&E designs, installs, and manages large solar and wind installations. MP&E also services commercial and residential customers. The company is currently installing a 1MW system in Rossville, Georgia and has contracts for an additional 15MW of systems located in San Diego, California; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Chattanooga, Tennessee; as well as various warehouses throughout Southern California.
Mr. McClellan has served in leadership and engineering positions at various Major Aerospace companies.
AABE SCC’s members are pleased to welcome Mr. Charles McClellan, our new  Entrepreneur Member of the Quarter.
  • Look for AABE’s Total Home/Business Makeover in upcoming issues.
  • Look for AABE’s scholarships in upcoming issues.
 Special Announcements
 Congratulations to Cassandra Wilson, AABE’s secretary, who was the successful candidate for a Program/Project Manager 1 position in the Operations Support Business Unit. Her effective start date was Monday, April 5, 2010. Cassandra is supporting Dawn Wilson, Director of Corporate Resources.
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Look for AABE’s volunteer opportunities in upcoming issues.
Note to Members*: Please submit articles and questions for e-News to: Terry Taylor, terry.taylor@sce.com.
*If you would like to send invitation to all AABE members, please contact Larry Sutton or Cassandra Wilson for approval, and an updated membership distribution list.
Executive Officers:  David Ford, President s Rodney Davis, Vice President s Yolanda Hunter, Treasurer s Cassandra Wilson, Secretary
Board Members: Greg McAdoo, Parliamentarian s Nancy Jackson, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs s Rita Daniels, Financial Secretary s Terry Taylor, Assistant Secretary s Charles Pulliman, Executive Director
Committees/Special Projects: Jasmin Hall and Denise Banuelos, Co-chairs Legislative & Regulatory Affairs s Michael Lattimore, LIHEAP s Peter Disi, BEAM s Rhonda Adams, Energy Efficiency s Larry Sutton, Membership sEric Franklin, Fundraising s Georgette Huckaby, Special Project 501(c)(3) s Emmanuel Baffo, Technology Development/Communication s Kecia Bailey, Scholarships/
Mentoring/Community Outreach
s Carolyn Sims, Career/Professional Development.


Adrian Wilkins

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