"Distributed Generation - Preparing for the Storm"

June 25, 2013

Carlos Brown, Director – Alternative Energy Solutions Business Development and Commercialization Strategies for Dominion Resources Services, Inc., was the speaker at the general body meeting of the Virginia Chapter of AABE on June 18, 2013 in the 1B auditorium of One James River Plaza.  The topic of his presentation was “Distributed Generation – Preparing for the Storm[i].”




  1. Carlos’ “Storms Change Things” gave examples of the early thoughts of the accepted “norms” that were challenged and replaced with today’s “norms”.  For example, the horse was the standard form of transportation before it was replaced by the automobile.
  2. “Disruptive Technology” gave examples of today’s technologies and the companies impacted by the technology changes, some of which are no longer in business.
  3. “Cloudy Skies Ahead” highlighted some of the threats to electricity demand.
  4. “Something on the Horizon” gave the meeting attendees a glimpse of the various distributed generation challenges and opportunities.
  5. “Preparing for the Storm” gave some examples of how the electric utility industry might consider changing its business in order to address the risk posed by changes due to stagnant demand, energy efficiency and distributed generation technology.

Carlos’ presentation to the members and guests was insightful and informative.

[i]The data and assumptions included in the presentation did not necessarily reflect those of Dominion’s senior management.

Walter Baker


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