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Cassandra Vickers Co-Chair, STEM Education Committee

Cassandra Vickers is a Program Manager at National Grid, where she manages new partnerships to assist National Grid develop and deploy innovative energy solutions. Her work involves understanding how to leverage the new technologies, from Amazon and Google to start-ups, for energy efficiency and demand response purposes. Cassandra also serves as the Communications Co-Chair on the Alliance of Black Professionals at National Grid and advocates for sustainability in an employee grassroots organization. Cassandra is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Studies.

Outside of work, Cassandra continues her support of CityStep, a youth arts mentorship program, as the Harvard College Campus Liaison. As an undergraduate, Cassandra directed and participated in CityStep at the University of Pennsylvania chapter. She is excited to be involved in the STEM Committee, an opportunity to continue to build her passion for engaging youth, but also a chance to share knowledge about the intersection of STEM and the energy space! She hopes to bring elements of her work with arts mentorship to the role.

In her free time, she enjoys learning about geological phenomena, the occasional West African dance class, and competing in Jeopardy! from her couch! Most of all, Cassandra enjoys traveling and hopes to visit three new countries each year; this year she visited Malawi, the UK, and Iceland!


Kenneth B. Lomax, Co-Chair, STEM Education Committee (


Nomination Committee Chair, Vacant 





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