Chapter Committees

The Columbus, Ohio Chapter of AABE (the "Chapter") has established the following Standing and Special Committees to facilitate the day-to-day work of the Chapter:



The Membership Committee directs all activities of the Chapter concerned with the recruitment and maintenance of members.     The committee receives and processes all applications for membership, including reinstatements, and notifies the membership of all such applications upon submission to the National Association and the local Chapter.

The Membership Committee is also responsible for preparing membership packages for prospective members and representing the Chapter at various events where there are opportunities to present benefits of the Chapter to the public.     In addition, they assist members with information on the Chapter and inform members of upcoming events and opportunities in the energy industry.


The Fundraising/resource Committee is responsible for overseeing the fundraising process by ensuring that all fundraising activities are in line with the Chapter By-Laws, and are done with the approval of the Board of Directors.     The Committee will also make sure that the chairperson of each committee reports on the status of all events and activities that they engage in, and reports all funds collected for those events and activities.


The Scholastic Committee is responsible for maintaining procedures to be adopted by the general membership for identifying scholarship candidates and disbursement of funds.     This Committee is also primarily responsible for fund raising activities with regard to the annual scholarships that the Chapter awards to qualified students.

The Scholastic Committee also assists with creating programs/activities to reach high school and collegiate students in the Central Ohio area and to expose and involve these students in various aspects of the energy industry.     The Scholastic Committee is also host of the Chapter's Annual Scholarship Banquet.

Legislative Issues & Public Policy (LIPP)

The LIPP Committee is responsible for vision and insight on energy issues and their impact on the African-American community and for providing such information to the Association, where appropriate.     This committee is also responsible for developing contacts with legislators to advocate the Chapter's concerns about energy issues in the community and the nation.


The Program Committee coordinates all events and activities that the Chapter might find necessary to host for its members or the community at large.     This Committee is also responsible for the planning and logistics associated with all social programs sponsored by the Chapter.

Marketing & Publicity

The primary function of the Marketing and Publicity Committee is to communicate the activities and events of the Chapter both internally, and to all external stakeholders.     The Marketing and Publicity Committee is also responsible for producing the Chapter newsletter and distributing it to all key stakeholders on a regular basis. In addition, the Committee is responsible for the following functions:

(1)   Developing all forms of advertisements for chapter activities, events, and achievements
(2)   Ensuring that key stakeholders are properly identified and receive regular communication from the Chapter
(3)   Developing strategies for marketing events and activities to the membership, new members and other interested persons or organizations outside of the Chapter


The Finance Committee is responsible for auditing the Treasurer's accounts at the close of the fiscal year and to provide a full report at the Annual Chapter meeting in September.     The Finance Committee shall be appointed by the President at the January meeting.


The primary function of the Mentoring Committee is to establish a 3-pronged approach to mentoring for the Chapter.   The areas of focus include student mentoring, mentorship of AABE scholarship recipients, and mentoring for professional development

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee will offer our members the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally through various activities, seminars, and workshops. The Committee will also track the professional achievements of our members to ensure that proper recognition is given as they advance within the industry.



The Nomination/Election Committee is comprised of five (5) members who are appointed by the Board of Directors no later than the regular chapter meeting in May, with the Chair to be selected by the members of the Committee.     The duties of this committee include:

(1)  Nominating and accepting nominations for candidates for the offices to be filled at the annual chapter meeting in September
(2)  Providing the membership with a slate of nominees up for a vote
(3)  Conducting and supervising elections


The By-Laws Committee is responsible for receiving all suggestions for amendments to the By-Laws of the Chapter, preparing them in proper form and submitting them for action by the membership in accordance with Article X of the Chapter By-Laws.

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