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On behalf of the Officers for the Connecticut Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), welcome to our website.


The Connecticut Chapter, headquartered in Hartford, CT is one of three Chapters along with New York and New Jersey that comprise the AABE Northeast Region.  Companies represented in the Chapter include:

  • Northeast Utilities
  • Yankee Gas
  • CL&P
  • United Illuminating
  • ConnecticutNatural Gas
  • Southern ConnecticutGas


The Connecticut Chapter will fulfill the mission of the National Office of AABE by:

  • Raising the awareness of energy issues
  • Increasing and diversifying our member base
  • Developing Energy Leaders of Tomorrow


We will reach our Chapter goals by maintaining a laser like focus on staying relevant and making a difference.  Through the use of innovative programming and unique professional development opportunities, we will attract new members and retain existing members so critically needed to continue our legacy of service.


Staying Relevant

The CT Chapter will stay relevant by designing and delivering high quality programs that are meaningful to the communities we serve.  We will bring a renewed emphasis to the creation and successful implementation of high profile social events that bring people together to congregate, contemplate and celebrate.


The CT Chapter will stay relevant by developing the next generation of leaders in our industry through workshops and forums that provide professional development and create opportunities for new members to interact with, and learn from diverse Senior Managers within member companies and associated members.


Finally, the CT Chapter will stay relevant through the smart use of technology to advance our cause, engage our audiences and communicate effectively.


Making a Difference

For the CT Chapter to truly make a difference we must be willing to “Think Different(ly)”.  Our approach to attracting and retaining members, raising the awareness of energy issues and developing the next generation of energy leaders must leverage the new rules of communications that prevail in this digital age.  The effective use of social media will play a key role in our Chapter’s outreach to members and stakeholders.


As you navigate through our website, please be sure to view our Chapter News and Events pages for the latest information on our programs and activities. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional information. We invite all of you to volunteer your time and talent and join us on this journey. We look forward to hearing from you!



Lloyd J. Duggan, Jr.


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