Chapter Founder

The American Association of Blacks in Energy is a nationally recognized force in energy policymaking. Founded by a small group of black leaders in the energy industry that were not invited to participate in the 1977 White House energy policy session, AABE has since developed a national network of skilled energy professionals. Today, the organization and its members stand together as an exceptional resource. AABE members pursue active careers in the energy industry. Members speak forcefully on urgent energy issues. Also, we temper our technical and managerial understanding of energy as a business with an equally practical grasp of the effects of government and industry decisions on the lives of blacks and other minorities.

But the American Association of Blacks in Energy is much more than a monitoring organization. AABE values equally the education of technically talented young people. This concern is expressed annually by offering collegiate scholarships for the study of science, engineering, mathematics, and energy management at major universities. Our chapter works with several local universities and colleges such as the University of Kansas (Minority Engineering); University of Missouri-Kansas City and the Metropolitan Community Colleges. We believe that we also have a responsibility to nurture young minds. As such, we are talking to young people on the various career opportunities in the energy related fields.

The Kansas-Missouri Chapter formed in 1990 and continues to expand its membership and participation in the greater Kansas city metropolitan area. Most of our membership is comprised of representatives from area utilities, with careers that include Engineering, Accounting, Auditing, Information Systems, Customer Services, Marketing, and Field Services. Locally, we strive to stay involved in energy-related issues and share our knowledge with youth by interesting them in energy-related careers. And while our chapter is growing, we can always use new ideas and ENERGY!

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