Louisiana Chapter Mission

The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) is an association of energy professionals founded and dedicated to ensure the input of African Americans and other minorities into the discussions and developments of energy policy regulations, R&D technologies and environmental issues. The Louisiana Chapter is affiliated with the American Association of Blacks in Energy and for which its purpose is consistent with those set forth by the national association.


  • Serve as a resource for policy discussion of the economic, social and political impact of environmental and energy policies on African Americans and other minorities.
  • Ensure involvement of African Americans in governmental energy policymaking by recommending capable, sensitive and informed personnel to appropriate officials.
  • Encourage public and private sectors to be responsive to the problems, goals and aspirations of African Americans in energy-related fields.
  • Encourage African American students to pursue careers in energy-related fields and provide scholarships and other financial aid for such students.
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