Chapter Founder

Leandra Abbott, was Assistant Vice President, Electric Operations at Con Edison.  After moving to operations at Con Edison Leandra focused more on the "business of the business" where she learned new and valuable lessons.  Before moving to operations at Con Edison, she was responsible for Con Edison's Community Relations and Corporate Philanthropy Programs, which offered volunteer opportunities. 

Leandra herself was a volunteer on a grant-making committee at United Way of New York City.and an Executive volunteer at United Way of New York City. As United Way of New York City focuses efforts and resources around Community Action Areas to target the most pressing problems in New York City, Leandra helped to apply her corporate perspective to United Way's Workforce Development area.

"Especially after 9/11, many of us re-evaluated our lives," Leandra shares. "For me, it meant renewing a personal commitment to help New Yorkers in need. Con Edison's long-standing commitment to the community and to United Way has made it possible for me to volunteer."

Leandra is a recipient of the Clarke A. Watson (CAW) Chairman's Cup which was established in 1993 and in recognition for outstanding service by an AABE member or staff person who has been selected by the Chair as one who has distinguished themselves to the organization in promoting its growth, vitality and enhancing its mission as a resource for energy policy making.

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