Chapter FAQs

How do I join AABE® or apply for membership?

  • Make checks or money orders payable to NC AABE Chapter for $125 (includes national and local dues) and mail this along with the completed membership application to the chapter P.O. Box.   
  • Membership is based on the calendar year, January 1 – December 31.  Active and current membership is no longer honored one year from the date you joined.
  • The dues must be paid in the current calendar year by the date of the annual conference (usually April) on an annual basis.
  • Active and current membership expires for all every year on December 31


When are meetings held? 

  • Board meetings are held on a monthly basis.
  • General body meetngs are held quarterly.


How do I become an officer?

  • The officers of the Chapter shall be (1) President, (2) Vice President, (3) Secretary,  (4) Treasurer, and (5) Historian.
  • Upon ratification of these By-Laws by the Regular members, the Chapter shall elect officers by a majority vote.
  • The officers shall hold their position for two years, unless reelected for another term.
  • Election shall be held at the October meeting.
  • A majority of Regular members present shall elect officers by a closed ballot.
  • A person may hold one office (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Historian) and serve on standing committees.
  • Officers and Committee Chairpersons should have been active dues paying members before obtaining these roles.


What is the AABE® NC Chapter mailing address?

AABE North Carolina Chapter

P.O. Box 25951

Raleigh, NC 27611


Who do I contact about changes to the website?   

  • Contact AABE NC Chapter Communications Chair. 


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