List of Chapter Committees

The Membership Committee directs all activities of the Chapter concerned with the recruitment and maintenance of members. The committee receives and processes all applications for membership, including reinstatements, and notifies the membership of all such applications upon submission to the National Association and the local chapter. The Membership Committee is also responsible for preparing membership packages for prospective members and representing the Chapter at various events where there are opportunities to present benefits of the Chapter to the public. In addition, they assist members with information on the Chapter and inform members of upcoming events and opportunities in the energy industry.  This committee develops strategies for marketing events and activities to the membership, new members, and other interested persons or organizations outside of the Chapter.

Scholarship, Education and Student Relations
The Scholarship, Education and Student Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining procedures to be adopted by the general membership for identifying scholarship candidates and disbursement of funds. This Committee is also primarily responsible for fund raising activities with regard to the annual scholarships that the Chapter awards to qualified students. The Committee also mentors middle to high school students on developing careers in the energy field.

Professional Development
The Professional Development Committee provides members with information on available training and opportunities for their personal and professional development. The Professional Development Committee is also responsible for assisting the Communications Committee with the development of educational information that is disseminated both internally and externally. General meetings for the Chapter are developed and held at local member company offices.

Corporate Communications
The primary function of the Corporate Communications Committee is to communicate the activities and events of the Chapter both internally, and to all external stakeholders. The Committee is also responsible for producing the Chapter newsletter and distributing it to all key stakeholders on a regular basis. Additional committee functions include developing all forms of advertisements for chapter activities, events, and achievements and ensuring that key stakeholders are properly identified and receive regular communication from the Chapter.  For the AABE website, this committee handles the webmaster functions for the Chapter and participates in the AABE® National Technical Development Committee.

Legislative Committee

The mission of the national Legislative Issues and Public Policy committee is to ensure that African-Americans and other minorities have a voice in the development and implementation of U.S. energy/environmental policies. As the committee tracks legislative and public policy issues of interest to AABE, this committee develops and disseminates white papers regarding energy and environmental issues to help members understand changes in the industry.  

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