Oklahoma Chapter Founder

James E. Stewart

The James E. Stewart (JES) Award is the American Association of Blacks in Energy's highest level of recognition and is bestowed upon the member selected as an individual who is a distinguished high achiever in the energy field, as well as, demonstrating outstanding leadership within the AABE organization and the community.

JES Award winners exemplify a superior commitment to the goals of the AABE organization through their high level of contribution to its growth and their involvement in the development and execution of its policies, programs and activities.

Please click here to read the biography of the late James E. Stewart in the attached file.

Past JES Awardees (1987-2008)

1987 – James E. Stewart, Oklahoma Natural Gas Company (Oklahoma Chapter)

1988 – Owen Davis (posthumously), Pacific Gas & Electric Company (Southern California)

1989 – John Tucker, American Gas Association (Atlanta)

1990 – Rufus McKinney, Southern California Gas Company (Retired) (Southern California)

1991- Thomas Hart, Sr. Westinghouse Corporation (Retired) (Pittsburgh)

1992 – Horace Edwards, Arco Pipeline Company (Retired) (Houston)

1993 – Robert Bates, Jr., Mobil Oil Company (Retired) (DC)

1994 – Hazel Rollins O’Leary, Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy (Retired) (DC)

1995 – Mary Boyd-Foy, Ebasco Services (Retired) (NYMAC)

1996 – W. James Sams, Chevron Corporation (Retired) (Northern California)

1997 – Erskine E. Cade, BP America, Inc. (Cleveland)

1998 – James K. Davis, Georgia Power Company (Atlanta)

1999 – Clarke Watson, Watson Associates (Denver)

2000 – Herman S. “Woody” Dorsey, Consolidated Edison Company (Retired) (NYMAC)

2001 – Daniel F. Packer, Entergy New Orleans (Retired) (Louisiana)

2002 – David K. Owens, Edison Electric Institute (DC)

2003 – Rufus Gladney, Consumers Energy (Michigan)

2004 – Erroll B. Davis, Jr., Alliant Energy (Wisconsin)

2005 – Frank Johnson, Consumers Energy (Michigan)

2006 – Vicky Bailey, FERC/Anderson Stratton Int’l (DC/Pittsburgh)

2007 – Hilda Pinnix-Ragland, Progress Energy (North Carolina)

2008 – Barrett Hatches, Swope Community Enterprises (Indiana)


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