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Greetings of Peace and Prosperity,

Thank you for visiting the Philadelphia Chapter website of the AABE (American Association of Blacks in Energy).

Whether you are a member, friend, sponsor, student, supporter or just stumbled upon our page, thank you for visiting.

The Philadelphia Chapter of AABE is a dynamic group of professionals who aspire to encourage our youth to succeed in STEM and energy related studies and careers.  You probably know that the acronym STEM represents science, technology, engineering and math. 

Over the next two years our energetic team will focus on a more intense mentorship program for our scholars, and be advisor and consultant to local schools and businesses who are seeking minority resources and talent. 

We plan to:

  • Develop a resource pool of STEM college students to feed the pipelines of our sponsors and those who want to fulfill internship opportunities.
  • Increase corporate sponsorship and fundraising initiatives
  • Make the Philly chapter more beneficial to all of members including those seeking advancement and entrepreneurs
  • Increase membership

Additionally we will fulfill our National office core objectives:

  • Present at least six scholarships to senior high school students
  • Host a BEAM (Black Energy Awareness Month) program
  • Engage in discussion for energy policy and procedures

The Philadelphia chapter is committed to moving our chapter to new heights for our scholars, members and the energy communities.  We aim to continue the high octane energy that exudes from the Philadelphia chapter through our continued successful collaborations with our public and charter schools that are STEM-oriented, increase and improve relationships with corporate sponsors, promote and assist entrepreneurs in our chapter and to continue to fulfill the mission outlined by our National chapter.  

We welcome you to participate, network and join us.


Sherri P. Pennington, MBA, PMP


AABE, Philadelphia Chapter


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