Chapter Committees


The Membership Committee directs all activities of the Philadelphia Chapter concerned with the recruitment and maintenance of members. The committee receives and processes all applications for membership, including reinstatements, and notifies the membership of all such applications upon submission to the National Association and the local chapter. The Membership Committee is also responsible for preparing membership packages for prospective members and representing the Chapter at various events where there are opportunities to present benefits of the Chapter to the public. In addition, they assist members with information on the Chapter and inform members of upcoming events and opportunities in the energy industry.

Black Energy Awareness Month (BEAM)

The BEAM Committee provides high school students with information on available training and opportunities for their personal and professional development in the energy industry.

Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs Committee is responsible for vision and insight on energy issues and their impact on the African-American community and for providing such information to the Association, where appropriate. This committee is also responsible for developing contacts with legislators to advocate the Chapter’s concerns about energy issues in the community and the nation.


The Program Committee coordinates all seminars, workshops, etc., that the Chapter might find necessary to host for its members or the community at large, to establish better communications about energy and its impact on the African-American community. This Committee is also responsible for the planning and arranging all details for social programs of the Chapter.


The Scholarship Committee identifies candidates and awards graduating high school seniors financial support towards post-secondary education at accredited institutions in energy-related disciplines.

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