Chapter Committees

AABE Savannah Chapter Membership Committee

  • Strengthens the organization by recruiting new members and retaining current members to ensure the viability and growth of the organization.
  • Our member companies include (but not limited to): Georgia Power, Atlanta Gas Light, El Paso/ Southern Natural Gas and Southern Company.
  • Annual General Membership Dues - $150 (includes National and Local fees)
  • Annual Board of Directors Dues - $250 (includes National and Local fees)
  • Annual Sustaining Membership Dues - $250 (includes National and Local fees)
  • Annual Student Membership Dues - $75 (includes local fees for college students)
  • Qualifying members include (but are not limited to) management employees and executives that are involved in the energy industry (production, exploration, distribution) in all its facets (electricity, natural gas, petroleum, renewables, legislation, architecture, engineering and consulting) that live & work in the state of Georgia.
  • College students at accredited southern Georgia institutions with majors in applicable energy-related fields are eligible to become members.
  • Membership Chairperson - Open Position
  • Contact the AABE Savannah Chapter Secretary For More Information.

Link to the Membership Online Application:

Make Checks or Money Orders payable to:
AABE Savannah Chapter
P.O. Box 2051
Savannah, Georgia


AABE Savannah Chapter Legislative Issues & Public Policy Committee

  • Inform the membership of important federal and state legislative & regulatory developments in the energy industry.
  • Support the AABE National Legislative Issues & Public Policy Committee (LIPP) on our national agenda.
    • Monitor climate change and global warming effects on our environment.
    • Promote the development on clean-coal technology.
    • Provide insight on the use of renewable energy resources.
    • Educate the public on energy efficiency measures and the type of energy efficient products.
  • Legislative Issues and Public Policy Chairperson - Scott Walden (ElPaso/SNG)
  • Please contact us for more information.


AABE Savannah Chapter Scholarship Committee

  • Rewards southern Georgia high school students who excel in math and science with financial assistance for post-secondary education.
  • Candidates are also eligible for the AABE National Regional & Premier Scholarships.
  • Deadline: February 22, 2008
  • Scholarship Chairperson - Open Position
  • Contact the AABE Savannah Chapter Secretary For More Information.

The purpose of the AABE Savannah Chapter Scholarship is to assist African American, Hispanic and Native American students with the cost of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution in energy related fields.

AABE National Scholarship Eligibility and Criteria

The National Premier and Regional winners are selected by the AABE National Scholarship Committee consisting of a representative from each of the 6 AABE regions. After a rigorous scoring process, these winners are selected as the best of all of the nationwide applicants for AABE Scholarships.

Attachment 1: 2009 AABE National Scholarship Application - Deadline Friday, February 6, 2009

Attachment 2: Scholarship Checklist

Scholarship recipients are determined by the AABE Savannah Chapter Scholarship Committee.

Send to the AABE Savannah Chapter office listed below:
AABE-Savannah Chapter
P. O. Box 2051
Savannah, GA 31402

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