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Twelve individuals, including our First Chairman and Founder, Clarke Watson, organized the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) in the spring of 1977. AABE is a national organization of energy professionals dedicated to ensuring that African Americans and other minorities have an opportunity to provide input in discussions and developments in energy policies, research and development technology, and environmental issues.

Membership is open to persons employed in the energy industry (energy professionals, owners, consultants, government officials, and educators) and students who support the mission of the organization.

The South Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (SCCAABE) was chartered in 1984 with 28 members. Josie K. Claiborne was the chapter’s first president. Headquartered in Columbia, it is one of 35 chapters located in the United States. The South Carolina Chapter is also one of eight chapters in the Southeast Region of the organization. In 1988, the Chapter was honored to host the 11th Annual AABE National Conference. In 2009, the chapter will co-host (along with the Southeast Region Chapters) the 32nd Annual AABE National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

SCCAABE continues to be instrumental in shaping energy policy, providing education on current industry issues, and analyzing its impact on South Carolinians.

Through mentoring activities and scholarship awards, SCCAABE also encourages minority students to pursue technical degrees and choose careers in the energy industry.

As you navigate through our website, please take the time to view valuable information about AABE, it's Mission, our Executive Officers, committees, scholarships and programs. AABE is a volunteer organization and we look forward to your participation.

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