Chapter History

AABE Southeastern Missouri - Southern Illinois Chapter History

The Inaugural Meeting of the American Association of Blacks in Energy Southeastern Missouri/Southern Illinois Chapter was held at Peabody Energy Headquarters, 701 Market Street Suite 900, St. Louis, Missouri on March 8, 2005. The individuals present for the meeting were David St. James – Ameren, Steve Parks – Ameren, Otie Cowan – Ameren, Donna Powell – Ameren, Timothy Via – Ameren, Shirley Stennis – Ameren, Jocelyn Burton – Ameren, Toni Love – Ameren, Penny Robinson – Ameren, Barb Polack – Peabody Energy, Susan Stith – Peabody, Dana Hill – Peabody, Raphael Pierce – Peabody, and Tiffany Johnson – Peabody. Pierce called the Inaugural meeting to order, and declared the meeting was held pursuant to a written notice of meeting, which was given to all potential members. Pierce read an Anti-trust reminder and the membership unanimously approved the consent calendar of items. The original officers were as follows:

  • • Raphael Pierce – President
  • • David St. James – Vice President
  • • Barbara Polack – Treasurer
  • • Tiffany Johnson – Secretary
  • • Otis Cowan – Board Member
  • • Walter Hawkins – Board Member
  • • Gloria Thirdkill – Board Member

The Southeastern Missouri/Southern Illinois Chapter (St. Louis Chapter) of AABE® was successful in completing its initial goals. As a nationally recognized chapter of AABE, St. Louis members were charged with promoting the objectives of the national organization, while addressing pertinent energy issues specific to the Midwestern region.

2006 was a milestone year for the Southeastern Missouri/Southern Illinois Chapter of AABE®. Membership recruitment continues to surge as seven companies are now represented by the chapter. In addition, the organization was tremendously successful in its first endeavor to participate at the Annual AABE Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

2007 has started out as a great year for the Chapter with the election of new officers. The subcommittee initiatives continue to burgeon and yield fruit. We now have a newsletter and our website is active. Our goal is for our organization to have a profound collective effect on the Greater Saint Louis community as we seek to illuminate the importance of the energy sector.

2008 was transitional.  We have seen our membership numbers continue to grow.  Several of our members have received awards and recognition.  We hosted a number of events that brought AABE® executive committee members to visit with our chapter.  We expect great things in the coming years for the chapter.

2010 was the first year of our  Annual Golf  Tournament held at the Grand Marais Golf Club in Centerville, Illinois.  The Grand Marais Golf Club is the only African-American owned golf club in the area.  The Annual Golf Tournament is the major fundraiser for our Annual Scholarship, which started in 2010.  We were able to give four scholarships is the amount of $1000.00 each.  Carolyn Green and David Owens were presenters at the annual recruitment event and Ameren's Network of Minority Employee's (ANME), respectively.

2011 was a successful year for our Annual Golf Tournament, which was held at the Prairies Golf Couse in Cahokia, Illinois.

2012 brought in a new slate of officers to include Brian Leonard as the newly elected President.

2013 Tony Wilkins was elected as the President.  Several students were awarded scholarships.  AABE held their first annual scholarship luncheon.




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