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Let’s Be Optimistic About Our Future

Amidst challenges like globalization, renewable energy, the decline of manufacturing, and our industrial economy, we in the Michigan chapter might feel like a prize fighter facing the battle of his career. I might suggest that we all take a lesson from Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest prize fighters of all time. Ali believes that the right attitude can carry you through, even in tough times. “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.” he said. “And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things began to happen”.

Attitudes influence success. There are a number of reasons to be optimistic about our future. We’re blessed with key resources, solid values and a history as a chapter with dedicated people actively engaged in our mission to promote energy awareness and to be a voice for the people in our communities on energy issues. It is also our mission to support academic excellence in our youth, to promote the energy field in which we work and to expand community outreach efforts.

We have done an excellent job in establishing and giving scholarships to students. We have delivered on first class events to promote energy awareness and increased our contributions to the students through the George C Turner Golf Outing, National and Regional Conferences as well as the Lewis H Latimer Award Dinner. To the members that made this happen, my sincere thanks for you are AWESOME.

Congratulations to our chapter members that were elected to AABE national positions. Let’s commit the support of the Michigan Chapter to assist them in achieving our national and local goals.

We have many talented people in our organization. We will begin influencing our own success when we begin to commit. As you navigate through our website, please view AABE's Mission, Executive Leadership, Membership Criteria, Our Committees, Programs, Activities and Events. Let’s make it happen today!
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