Columbus Chapter Marketing and Publicity Committee

The primary function of the PR/Marketing Committee is to communicate the activities and events of the Chapter both internally, and to all external stakeholders.   The Committee is also responsible for producing the Chapter newsletter and distributing it to all key stakeholders on a regular basis.   In addition, the Committee is responsible for the following functions:

(1)   Developing all forms of advertisements for chapter activities, events, and achievements
(2)   Ensuring that key stakeholders are properly identified and receive regular communication from the Chapter
(3)   Developing strategies for marketing events and activities to the membership, new members, and other interested persons or organizations outside of the Chapter

The PR/Marketing Committee is the newest "standing committee" to be formed within the Columbus Chapter of (AABE)®.   The Committee was formed to address the many public relations, marketing and communications activities that the organization must undertake in order to bring about awareness of the organization and the value that we add to both the community and the utility industry.   Prior to forming this committee, the Chapter relied on the members to build the Chapter through word-of-mouth and promotion of the various events that we offered.   Forming a committee focused on this area will allow us to begin to promote the Columbus Chapter of (AABE)® on many different levels.

PR/Marketing Committee Chair is: Yavonda Ulfig

Previously, a committee of volunteers pulled together to support the marketing of the various events that were sponsored by the Columbus Chapter. The marketing activities include:

(1)   Drafting of Press Releases, and other written communication, to be disseminated to the various media outlets in the Columbus area
(2)   Developing a theme and implementing a marketing plan to support the 2006 Fall Energy Event "A Warm Place Called Home"
(3)   Working with the media/communications offices of the member utility companies to promote Chapter events
(4)   Supporting the various committees through the drafting of written communications to use for sponsorship solicitation, exhibitor communications, and volunteer recruitment
(5)  Appearing as the spokesperson for the Chapter for "on-camera" appearances to promote events

PR/Marketing Goals

The Committee is in the process of evaluating all marketing materials, presentations, and communications that the Chapter currently uses, in an effort to determine how best to update the materials to better reflect the Columbus Chapter.   Activities of the Committee include:

1)  Working with the Chapter webmaster to provide information to keep the Columbus Chapter web page up to date
2)  Working with the Membership Committee to assemble a membership packet for both new and existing members
3)  Updating the Columbus Chapter general presentation
3)  Developing marketing materials that members can use to promote the Columbus Chapter of (AABE)®

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