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The Connecticut Area Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy

The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) is a national association of energy professionals founded and dedicated to ensure the input of African Americans and other minorities into the discussions and developments of energy policies, regulations, research and development technologies and environmental issues. One of the stated purposes and goals of AABE is to encourage African American students (and other minorities) to pursue careers in energy-related fields, and to provide scholarships and other financial support.

Every year, the AABE National Association awards scholarships in science, mathematics, approved business and engineering to outstanding minority high school students. Local AABE chapters also award scholarships. In 2013 (for the 11th consecutive year), The Connecticut Area Chapter of AABE is one of these local chapters that will be distributing scholarships to eligible high school students. In sync with the National’s purpose, the Connecticut Area Chapter promotes the professional development of its members to advocate and cultivate for minorities in the business of energy and energy policy.

The scholarship qualifications require an eligible candidate to be a minority majoring in business, sciences, mathematics or technology such as engineering, chemistry, geology, meteorology or physics. Candidates must also demonstrate academic achievement as well as involvement in extracurricular activities and community service.

Since 2003, the Connecticut Area Chapter of AABE has awarded scholarships to 45 high school seniors (totaling $109,000) from the Connecticut and Massachusetts area high schools.

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If you have any questions or need a 2013 scholarship application, please do not hesitate to contact Lawanda Leslie, AABE-Connecticut Chapter’s Scholarship Chairperson, (203-499-2418) or

visit our website (www.aabe.org/Chapters/Connecticut).


The Connecticut Area Chapter of AABE

P. O. Box 1898

Hartford, CT 06144


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