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As a result of all of the great feedback we continue to receive from our AABE Entrepreneurs, this communication, "the AABE Energy Entrepreneur Blast" is the result of the feedback we received from you,  the AABE Entrepreneurs. These email blasts will be sent every two to three weeks,  depending on substantive information needed to be conveyed, e.g. , details of recent AABE activities, upcoming forums and conferences of interest to AABE Entrepreneurs, spotlights on various AABE Entrepreneur businesses and partnership successes, etc.  If there is something you would like us to include in future communications, please feel free to contact me at tonja.wicks@fpl.com


Summary of 1/28/09 AABE Entrepreneur Conference Call

The conference call was well-attended and yielded helpful information and insightful feedback that will take this AABE Energy Entrepreneur effort to the next level. Below please find a brief summary of the high points discussed on the call.


§  Importantly, we announced the agenda for this year's dynamic "AABE Energy Entrepreneur Forum" on Thursday, April 16 from 1pm -4pm at the Rosen Shingle Resort in Orlando, FL. Not only is the entrepreneur energy forum top notch, but the forum will have a great representation of supplier diversity representatives and supply chain representatives from the major energy companies participating in the matchmaking session.  In addition, your registration for the day gets you access to the  entire day's activities-- complete with the largest number of CEOs in the energy industry presenting throughout the day, robust industry subject matter area panel discussions, networking breakfast, and reception. Link to Conference registration:   http:///www.aabe.org;  Please see attached agenda and save-the-date card

LINK TO CONFERENCE AGENDA: http://www.aabe.org/index.php?component=news&id=158


§  AABE has been invited to participate in a discussion on emerging energy issues impacting the US by the US Congressional House of Representatives' Majority Whip, James Clyburn (SC). This meeting is being scheduled in Washington, D.C.  Members of AABE's National Board will represent the organization. Our Chair of the Entrepreneur Committee, Dot Harris, will be in attendance.



§  AABE to Hold an Energy Summit- AABE is coordinating a high-powered "Energy Summit" with some of the nation's foremost leaders and President Obama's Cabinet-level officials on energy and environmental issues. To date, Secretary of Energy, Chu, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, and many others have been invited. These events underscore the access and influence AABE has in the energy industry and the importance of the demographic and communities we represent.


§  A discussion with entrepreneurs and invited supplier diversity representatives yielded guidance to our entrepreneurs that will prepare them for meeting any organization's vendor requirements and standards. It was suggested that we identify the various certifications needed to successfully bid for corporate , as well as governmental contracts and business opportunities to ensure that AABE Entrepreneurs as prepared to qualify at every stage of business selection process.


§  As AABE leverages its relationships with the governmental sector at the highest levels, we are ensuring that the AABE Entrepreneurs benefit, too. The current economic stimulus bill being debated in Congress has billions of dollars in incentives for energy-related efforts. Many of these areas, i.e. smart grid technologies and renewable resource development and integration have tremendous opportunities for our businesses to capitalize. We are in a era of great opportunity, and all we have to do is seize the moment. Take a close look at your business and see how you can support these emerging industry areas, and how the traditional lines of energy businesses, e.g. oil, gas, and electric  can benefit from your product and service offerings. DOE will likely be the lead agency in allocating these funds to small businesses and AABE is uniquely positioned to assist you in getting in the pipeline.


To that end, we are going to help identify how AABE entrepreneurs can do business with the federal government-

(1) what certifications are needed; safety records needed; liability and insurance needed, capital financing expectations, etc


(2) We will leverage our relationships to help identify  the right contact at DOE,EPA and other state governmental agencies to help you navigate through the process and not bounced from one department to another.


(3) We, AABE, will make the case that we are here to assist the agencies in meeting their needs of procuring products and services from a diverse pool of suppliers in the energy industry. So, this is not a hand out rather a mutually-beneficial business opportunity for the AABE Entrepreneurs and the federal/state/local  governments.


§  Also, on the call, we had a number of new members that identified various organizations that we should consider partnering with and coordinating activities to maximize our efforts on behalf of the entrepreneurs, for example,  "Green for All". A new member also identified business opportunities for AABE entrepreneurs that are presently available through the Navy- " Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center".




    -William A. Johnson II, CEO Community Alternative Energy Resources Group, LLC

-Ron Carryl, President/Owner Accurate Placement




AABE 32nd National Annual Conference April 14-17, 2009:   http:///www.aabe.org

Attachment: Energy Entrepreneur Forum Agenda 

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