South Carolina Chapter Fund Raising Committee

Our Fundraising Committee adheres to the following major tasks and associated activities:
Administrative Tasks – Chairperson(s)
Solicit volunteers and form a committee
Schedule planning session for committee members and develop strategy for implementing committee responsibilities
Develop a detailed project plan to implement activities
Prepare and submit annual budget
Schedule and facilitate committee meetings as required
Committee Member Tasks
Manage all fund raising activities
·         Work with Executive Committee to set annual goal
·         Recommend fund raising activity that will generate proceeds to meet annual goal
·         Develop project plan for fundraising activity
·         Develop a budget required to implement fundraising activity
·         Implement activities according to project plan
·         Schedule and facilitate committee meetings, as required, to assess progress of fundraising activity
Implement proper accounting procedures to account for all expenditures and revenues (Spreadsheet)
·         Keep records of all expenditures. Source documents are required with all expenditures (receipts).
·         Keep records of all receivables.
·         Submit receipts and receivables to the Treasurer as required
·         Close out and Reconcile Annual Fund Raising Activity
·         Submit final report to the Treasurer and Executive Committee

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