South Carolina Chapter Membership Committee

Our Membership Committee adheres to the following major tasks and associated activities:
1.      Solicit volunteers and form a committee
2.      Schedule planning session for committee members to determine annual activities
3.      Develop a detailed project plan to implement activities
4.      Prepare and submit annual budget to the Vice President - Services
5.      Schedule and facilitate committee meetings as required
Committee Member Tasks
  1. Process New Member Applications
    1. Receive membership application requests
    2. Send applications to potential members
    3. Follow-up of unreturned applications if no response in 2 weeks from potential members
    4. Update membership application as needed
    5. Update the Outlook distribution listing
    6. Submit payroll deduction form when applicable
    7. Submit dues payment checks to treasurer that accompany new applications
    8. File completed new member applications
  1. Develop a new member orientation program and member retention program.
  1. Develop a membership assessment program.
  1. Maintain Membership Database
    1. Add new members information into existing database
    2. Update members information as needed
  1. Process Dues Invoices Annually
    1. Generate local annual dues invoices for members that pay by check
    2. Collect and forward payments to treasurer as they arrive
  1. Provide Resource for other Committees
    1. Provide support to professional development seminar (committee)
    2. Provide support to public relations committee
  1. Perform Other Tasks as Required
    1. Organize membership drives as needed or requested
    2. Answer membership questions or inquiries
    3. Provide feedback to new ideas concerning membership resources
    4. Receive payroll deduction listing from SCANA payroll department
  1. Identify Co-ops and non-utility energy related businesses and entities, as a means of membership expansion.
  1. Implement "Everyone Invite One Non-Member" Campaign to improve member participation in AABE events.




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