South Carolina Chapter Lunch Buddies Program

The South Carolina Lunch Buddies Program adheres to the following major tasks and associated activities:
Administrative Tasks – Chairperson(s)
Meet with Principal / designee and school Lunch Buddy Coordinator to decide a teaching activity idea to address academic needs (June)
Determine days to meet
Solicit volunteers and form a Lunch Buddy (LB) committee (returning and new volunteers)
Process LB applications
Send schedule to LB committee members
Schedule planning session to orientate volunteers and plan program (August)
Determine Budget and submit to the Vice President – Youth Services
Schedule and facilitate LB committee meetings as required
Committee Member Tasks
Complete Volunteer Application and submit to committee chairperson or designee (copy of application is attached)
Note: There is no fee for background check as shown on application.
Attend scheduled Lunch Buddy sessions, which are usually held twice a month. Sessions run from September – April.
Participate in planned activities for students
Assist with annual Lunch Buddy trip (April)
Attend Special Programs, such as:
Volunteer Programs
School Open House
Career Day
Read Across America
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