South Carolina Chapter Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Committee adheres to the following major tasks and associated activities:
Administrative Tasks – Chairperson(s)
      Solicit volunteers and form a committee
Schedule planning session for committee members and develop strategy for implementing committee responsibilities
Develop a detailed project plan to implement activities
Prepare and submit annual budget to the Vice President - Services
Schedule and facilitate committee meetings as required
Committee Member Tasks
  1. Administer the Josie K. Claiborne Memorial Scholarship Program.
  2. Award yearly scholarships funds as appropriated by the Executive Committee.
  3. Prepare solicitation package for schools, members, community agencies, churches, etc.
  4. Process scholarship applications after application deadline, and select awards recipients.
  5. Present recommendations for scholarship awards to the Executive Committee,
  6. Send scholarship awards letter to scholarship recipient(s).
  7. Plan a scholarship awards program.
  8. Serve on the Regional Scholarship Committee to develop scholarship guidelines and policies.
  9. Select and submit candidate(s) to the Regional Scholarship Committee.
  10. Review and revise the scholarship application guidelines and deadline as approved by AABE National and Regional Scholarship Committee.
  11. Submit scholarship selection report to the Executive Committee.
  12. Send letter to applicants that were not selected for an award, notifying them of their application status.
  13. Prepare scholarship funding packet for each selected recipient to present at the awards program (certificate and payout procedures).



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