Philadelphia Chapter Entrepreneurial Committee

Value Proposition

  1. AABE has a large contingency of energy entrepreneurs and representation of utilities, corporations, diversity suppliers and supply chain open to our membership.
  2. Our conferences exposes you face to face to the largest number of CEO’s in one place, speaking on a variety of robust topics in the energy sector.
  3. AABE’s Entrepreneurs and are cultivated and screened through our extensive
  4. Entrepreneurs Program that sets them apart in meeting the energy market demands for small businesses

AABE Offers


To both the entrepreneur, as well as capital market members. It is important for our entrepreneurs to know all of the various capital financing options afforded them, i.e. venture capital, debt-equity financing, traditional financing, etc., in order to make the right decisions for future growth and sustainability of their business. However, it is also important to educate the capital market representatives on the energy industry and where the growth and investment opportunities are for them in the industry and with our membership base. Our Entrepreneur Committee has already begun to provide to the capital financing industry education on the fundamentals of the energy industry. Both AABE Entrepreneurs and investors benefit as members of AABE.


AABE’s Entrepreneurs and Opportunist are equipped with a "business or personal resume" reviewed by our local chapter administrators for local distribution and presented at the matchmaking sessions during the AABE Energy Entrepreneur Forums and Job Opportunity Session hosted at our National Conference each year, and distributed to our local chapter presidents nationally. This style of resume exchange is helpful in distilling the service, product offering, or job opportunity to our members, as well as immediate identification of other business partnerships and references the entrepreneur, or job seeker may aspire for; through our Matchmaking Data Base done at our National Office in Washington DC.


Our supplier diversity initiatives yield guidance on ensuring that qualified AABE

Entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary certifications needed to meet any organizations vendor requirements and standards. AABE identifies the various certifications needed to successfully bid for corporate, as well as governmental contracts and business opportunities to ensure that AABE Entrepreneurs are prepared to qualify at every stage of the business, or job opportunity in the selection process. The AABE Entrepreneur Committee will use one of its quarterly meeting forums to bring in a specialist in the field to discuss needed certifications, job qualification and or requirements for securing large-scale contracts, or opportunity.


Our Members are supplied with the "Dos and Don'ts" of bidding for business contracts, projects and opportunities with corporations and agencies. This very helpful list and the appropriate execution of it will benefit not only the entrepreneurs; but you, the supplier diversity, supply chain representatives, and employers as well.


We would like to share the new initiatives that AABE has undertaken due to the needs of our entrepreneurs identified though our program. Our "Energy Brain Trust" a network of CEOs set up by AABE, with some of the largest energy companies around the nation who participates in a panel discussion that convenes yearly to share information and identifies the needs of our membership and corporate partners and compile that information in our National Database that identifies African American Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Member

Affiliates that operate in the energy space. AABE has taken that task on. We have a compilation of data that is being packaged and developed into an interactive web-based database for our members to access. The consensus is that such a database would be very helpful for members and businesses to have one-stop shop of entrepreneurs, professionals, and supply chains that only provide industry related services. This would minimize the efforts to comb through thousands of names, businesses and companies that do not service this industry primarily.

As AABE leverages its relationships with the governmental sector at the highest levels, we are ensuring that the AABE Entrepreneurs and Professionals benefit, too. With the growing demand for the way we do business with energy in today’s world, with smart grid technologies, renewable resource developments and integrations. There is tremendous opportunities for AABE associated businesses to capitalize. We are in an era of great opportunity, and all we have to do is seize the moment.

It is our hope that you will take a close look at your business and see how you can support these emerging industry areas, and how the traditional lines of energy businesses, e.g. oil, gas, and electric can benefit from AABE Entrepreneurs'. You all recognized the importance of the new influx of federal dollars in many energy growth areas. AABE is uniquely positioned with its relationships in a vastly changing sector that sets us apart from other organizations. In the end, your experience with AABE, no matter who you are, or business you’re in. You will feel energy and experience from our membership that you will never forget generations to come, as it was as envisioned by our founders.

Become a member today and volunteer, and feel the energy!

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