National Conference Planning Committee

This committee has overall responsibility for the planning, development, and execution of AABE’s annual conferences.  The committee will work in conjunction with the AABE National Office, Board Finance Committee and Legal Counsel to select a venue site, develop a program / agenda, and budget for the annual conference.  Each region of AABE will host the annual conference on a rotating basis.  The National Conference Planning Committee will work with each Regional Coordinator to execute these responsibilities.  The National Conference Planning Committee will report to the Board of Directors quarterly on its activities.



1978 Rosslyn, Virginia
1979 Washington, D.C.
1980 Houston, Texas
1981 Denver, Colorado
1982 Atlanta, Georgia
1983 San Francisco, California
1984 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1985 New Orleans, Louisiana
1986 Los Angeles, California
1987 Washington, D.C.
1988 Columbia, South Carolina
1989 Atlanta, Georgia
1990 Oakland, California
1991 Hot Springs, Arkansas
1992 Tulsa, Oklahoma
1993 Birmingham, Alabama
1994 New York, New York
1995 Richmond, Virginia
1996 Detroit, Michigan
1997 Washington, D.C.
1998 New Orleans, Louisiana
1999 Los Angeles, California
2000 Atlanta, Georgia
2001 Hartford, Connecticut
2002 Lansing, Michigan
2003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2004 New Orleans, Louisiana
2005 Memphis, Tennessee
2006 Detroit, Michigan
2007 Washington, D.C.
2008 Houston, Texas
2009 Orlando, FL
2010 Columbus, OH
2011Jersey City, NJ

2012 Long Beach, CA

2020 Houston, TX

2021 Virtual

2022 Tampa, FL

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