• The Committee will consist of at least one member from each region.
  • Selection Schedule - For the upcoming season, the schedule will be reviewed and possibly modified to provide enough time so that the winners will be selected and arrangements made to potentially have the Premier Winner attend our annual National Conferences in May.
  • Reports - Each region should submit a status report at the December Board meeting that provides a brief summary on the activity of each of the scholars that have received an AABE Scholarship (Regional or National) within the last year. The Regional Coordinator, Chapter Presidents and Scholarship Committee members will work together to insure that the report gets submitted. The Scholarship Committee member is ultimately responsible for producing the report for their respective region.
  • Corporate Sponsors - Each region shall recruit corporate sponsors to help with the support and development of the AABE scholars. Corporate Sponsors shall help by providing summer employment, training and the opportunity for permanent employment. The Corporate Sponsors will also help with mentoring training for the AABE Mentoring Program.
  • Mentoring Program - Each region shall also be responsible for providing an AABE mentor for each scholarship recipient. The list of mentors for each scholar shall be included in the reports that are submitted at the December Board meeting.
  • Student Chapters -  Each committee member should work with their Regional Coordinator to help establish a student chapter in their region if one does not already exist.
  • Deadlines - April 30, 2024 is the Chapter deadline to accept applications. Chapter Presidents and Regional Coordinators in each Region should submit their top 3 candidates to the Scholarship Committee Chair for consideration for Regional and National Scholarship awards.
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