AABE Leadership Meets with President-Elect's Energy Transition Team

December 9, 2008

On Tuesday, December 9, nine representatives of the American Association of Blacks in Energy met with the President-elect’s energy Transition Team.  Vicky Bailey, Tom Graham, Steve Hightower, Dan Packer, and Frank Stewart attended the meeting in the Department of Energy’s Forrestal Building.  Rod West, Brett Carter, Lloyd Yates, and Michael Harness participated by telephone.  Transition Team Co-Chairs Dr. Susan Tierney and Elgie Holstein attended as well as Carolyn L. Green, Rose McKinney-James and Cynthia Quarterman.

After introductions the meeting spent just over an hour is a broad ranging discussion that covered energy economics, fossil fuel production and regulations, climate change and the needs of low-income consumers.  The members of the Transition Team encouraged the AABE representatives to provide any other thoughts or concerns in writing and promised to give them a careful, expedited review.  The Transition Team advised that all of the meetings, comments, and correspondence that they receive and consider will be posted on their web site and would be completely open to the general public.  A very refreshing change.

Frank Stewart

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