Local AABE Chapters

AABE has 39 active chapter in six geographic regions in the United States. AABE is an energy policy and educational organization whose members participate in every segment of the energy sector throughout the United States. Several local chapters have instituted various mentorship programs for college students majoring in energy-related disciplines, including a scholarship program for high school seniors.

Please review our list of AABE Local Chapters below, along with their designated dues. This will assist you in selecting the proper Membership choice when joining/renewing your AABE membership!

Chapters with $25 dues Baltimore; California; Florida; Greater New Orleans (GNO); New Jersey; New York; South Jersey; Virginia; Washington DC (WDC); Wisconsin Chapter with $70 dues South Carolina
Chapter with $30 dues Arkansas Chapters with $75 dues Alamo Region; Atlanta; Greater Boston; North Carolina
Chapters with $40 dues East Tennessee and Indiana Chapters with $100 dues Houston; Michigan; Southeastern Missouri/Southern Illinois (SMSI)
Chapters with $50 dues Birmingham; Chicago; Columbus; Dallas/Fort Worth; Delaware; Denver; Gulf Coast; Harrisburg; Kansas-Missouri; Minnesota; Mississippi; Northeast Ohio; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Savannah; Tennessee

Chapters by State Become a Chapter

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