Virginia Chapter of AABE at Virginia Union University on February 23, 2015

February 25, 2015

The Virginia chapter of AABE® provided two speakers for a lunch time professional development classroom presentation.  Eric Harris and Jerome Myers were each given 20 minutes to address about 30 students on the secrets of success.  The speakers utilized personal anecdotes to connect with the students and then challenged them to eliminate any excuses they are holding on to for why they are not able to be successful.  Harris a graduate of the university told the mixed group of students about how his passion for his work fueled his early career success as well as his seamless transition to nonprofit leadership.  Myers encouraged the students to start thinking about retirement the day they start working.  "Financial freedom of retirement isn't about agree but about not having to trade your hours for dollars."

The session wrapped up with a question and answer session about ways the community can help improve the students experience.  The requests included transportation to internships, mock interviews, job shadowing, case studies, mentorship and professional development workshops.

The success of the session was evident by the number of attendees who stayed behind for additional time with the speakers and a student volunteering to collect more ideas from her peers for additional workshops and targeted dates and times.

Jerome Myers

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