International Chapter Development and Program Management

The AABE Training Institute was established to develop the energy sector in Africa and the Caribbean. The Institute has several objectives:

  • Build capacity through training, technical assistance, mentoring, and other approaches using AABE and AABE constituencies throughout the U.S.;
  • Mobilize and foster increased cooperation among a broad-based coalition of individuals, associations, companies, and organizations in the public and private sectors by promoting an in-depth public awareness and understanding about Africa and African energy-related issues, especially in the U.S. minority and other under-served populations;
  • Develop and promote progressive and consistent energy policy initiatives that will significantly advance the U.S.-Africa energy partnership, especially by stimulating trade and investment, technology transfer, and capacity development opportunities;
  • Provide relevant information to increase the U.S. and African publics’ awareness of the importance of energy-sector development and diversification to national security, overall economic growth, sustainable development, job creation, and the elimination of poverty;
  • Build strategic linkages among governments, organizations, institutions, and individuals with an interest in the energy sector in Africa;
  • Identify energy projects in Africa and act as a broker between U.S. and African business enterprises;
  • Assist U.S. energy companies expanding business opportunities in Africa to include participation of small, minority, women-owned, and African businesses through subcontracting and joint ventures;
  • And serve as a domestic and international resource for the dissemination of energy-related policy and trade information.

Under the AABE Training Institute the organization has participated in the U.S. – South Africa Public Partnership Program (US – SA PPP).

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