DAC on the DNC

November 25, 2008
The Democratic National Convention (DNC) held in Denver, Colorado, August 25th -28th, saw Denver Area Chapter (DAC) members taking part in this historic event, and they share a few comments. Landri Taylor, Forest City Stapleton and DAC officer, said “It seems as though it was yesterday that Black people could not vote or even register to vote in our country. I’m glad to be a part of the ‘I Have a Dream” generation!’” Taylor, also a member of the DNC Planning Committee, points out that: • For the first time an African American was the Presidential nominee for a major party, and Obama spoke before the largest crowd in DNC history. • His acceptance speech came exactly 40 years to the date of the I Have a Dream speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington, DC. • It was exactly 100 years since the last convention was held in Denver. Xcel Energy executive and DAC member Helena Haynes-Carter reflecting on the regular televised convention program and other events hosted by local corporate and government officials said. “The DNC was a wonderful time to network with colleagues and individuals from all over the country.” Syl Morgan-Smith, a founding member of AABE in Denver 31 years ago, beamed with pride as she commented: “As a product of the segregated south, it was a once in a lifetime thrill for me to attend each of the official sessions and most of the special DNC events. For the past two presidential elections I voted in the Electoral College, and five times served as a delegate to national republican conventions. But, this was the most memorable and treasured experience due to what it means to our next three generations. Imagine not only an African American president, but also a poised Harvard educated beautiful Black woman as the First Lady and international image of the American woman. W-o-w, a confident First Lady who is 100 percent Black and looks like my mother and grand children. From the Dream to Reality, and to God be the glory!” Sheila Terry, President of the Denver Chapter, noted that she witnessed a spirit of hope and change that culminated with that Senator Obama’s awesome speech. I pray that every eligible person will vote knowing that we stand on the strong, faithful shoulders that got us here.

Sheila Terry
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