AABE National Scholarship

December 3, 2010

The standard application to be used for the 2011 process was reviewed and updated (see attached file). Local Chapters need to update the standard application with the pertinent chapter specific information and update there local chapter web site accordingly.

 AABE National Scholarship Eligibility and Criteria

To download an application, please visit the local chapter site closest to where the applicant resides. The applications can be found on the bottom of the chapter homepage in the "LATEST NEWS" section. For a complete list of chapters across the country, please select "CHAPTERS." Some states have more than one Chapter and some Chapters occupy more than one state. In certain cases, the applicant can qualify for both a local and/or national scholarship. Contact information, instructions, guidelines and eligibility criteria are provided in the application package.

The deadline for submission of applications for the 2010 Scholarship Program has passed.

Pertinent dates for the 2011 Program are as follows:

March 11, 2011 – Postmark deadline date for Scholarship applications to be returned to the local chapters.

April 1, 2011 – deadline date for each AABE Region to submit the top ranked candidates to the National Scholarship Committee for consideration of National Scholarship awards. The National Committee will select winners prior to the AABE conference to be held from April 26-30 and winners will be announced at the conference Scholarship Luncheon.

Contact Information for members of the AABE National Scholarship Committee:

Committee Chair
Committee Co-Chair
Gerald Dawes
Con Edison Company of New York
1. Northeast Region
4. Southeast Region
Phyllis White-Thorne
Jennefer Whisenhunt
Con Edison Company of New York
Southern Natural Gas Co. - Cust. Service
2. Mid-Atlantic Region
5. Southwest Region
Dianne P. Oliver
Terrence Griffin
Supply Planning and Analysis
Entergy Services, Inc.
308 E. Pearl Street
Jackson, MS 39201
3. Mid-West Region
6. Western Region
Sheila Patterson
Sonya Baskerville
Health, Safety & Environmental Coordinator
Manager, National Relations Office
CMS Energy
Bonneville Power Administration

2009 Year End AABE National Scholarship Committee Report

Aaron Johnson
202-824-9181 Phone

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