The association offers webinars to better enhance the knowledge and understanding of some of the most critical issues of the day.  Some topics covered in AABE webinars include:


1-27-2021 Energy Policy and the 117th Congress

2-17-2021 Transportation Policy, Climate Change, and Equity - The Future of Transportation

3-17-2021 Energy Infrastructure, Workforce Development, and Supplier Diversity

4-28-2021 The Future of Natural Gas

6-23-2021 The Future of Transportation

7-21-2021 The Future of Climate Change

8-18-2021 The Congressional Progress Report

11-17-2021 Diversity In Clean Energy (DiCE)

12/15/2021 Legislative Crossfire 


1/19/2022 A Tribute to MLK Energy Justice










Windows Movie Files                                                                                                                             Presentations

8-28-2019 AABE Quarterly Energy Report Q2                                                               AABE Quarterly Energy Report Q2 9-25-2019 Energy Efficiency In National Energy Policy                                      Energy Efficiency In National Energy Policy

10-23-2019 Market Intelligence for the Future of Energy                                    Market Intelligence for the Future of Energy

11-20-2019 AABE Quarterly Energy Report Q3                                                               AABE Quarterly Energy Report Q3

1-15-2020 2019 In Review...2020 A Look Ahead                                                                   In Review..2020 A Look Ahead

2-26-2020 The Water Nexus                                                                                                                        The Water Nexus

4-8-2020 Climate Adaptation vs Climate Mitigation                                                Climate Adaptation vs Climate Mitigation

5-27-2020 COVID-19 Impact on the Energy Industry                                             COVID-19 Impact on the Energy Industry

- A Perspective from Deloitte                                                                                                      - A Perspective from Deloitte




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